Our journeys were very similar prior to our union, we both were previously in marriages that were of our own doing, but nevertheless we spent a total of 28 years between the both of us trying to bring life to dead situations in our own will, which of course ended in divorce.

Prior to meeting each other, through the power of God, we utilized our time as single individuals to allow healing to take place. Through the healing process we both learned that marital breakdown takes two individuals and we both understood that if we did not change as individuals we would repeat the same mistakes again.


This healing inevitably formed what you now know as "Marriages of the Kingdom". Pastors Adrian and Nicole Bowens were divinely connected in 2011. Our mission is to assist married couples not make the same mistakes we did and to prepare individuals for marriage. Through our mistakes God has given us a platform to assist with building and developing marriages according to the Word of God based upon Christian principles. Pastor Nicole Bowens had a dream about this ministry one year prior to meeting her husband Pastor Adrian Bowens, the marriage ministry was formed in April of 2012.


We knew that we were operating under the spirit of God when we spent our 1st Wedding Anniversary counseling a couple for hours that were on the brink of separation who had been married 20+ years.


Our desire is to make ourselves available to any couple that says they want their marriage to reflect the Word of God and they are willing to "PUT IN THE WORK", it takes in order to have a happy, purpose-filled marriage!

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