Pastors Adrian and Nicole Bowens and their Marriages of the Kingdom ministry has truly been a blessing to us.  We prayed for years for Godly counseling that would equip us with the tools to build a healthy and successful marriage.  Our prayers were answered through the invite to one of the Marriages of the Kingdom’s events by my husband’s co-worker. Not only was our marriage enriched with words of wisdom from the different speakers at the event, the Bowens’ sowed into our marriage by blessing us with a ticket to their next event.  A couple of weeks later we began our marriage counseling journey with them.
We would recommend counseling with the Bowens and the Marriages of the Kingdom ministry events to everyone but especially feel moved to recommend to millennials and other newlywed couples.  It is important to invest in those things and position yourself around other Godly marriages that contribute to the longevity of your marriage, counseling and attending the events did just this. 
Through these avenues, we were taught BASIC fundamentals such as how to effectively communicate and PROFOUND principles such as God’s original purpose and intent for marriage.
We both agree that the most “life changing words of wisdom” provided to us was to pray and read the Word of God together nightly.  This advice seems very simple but has truly altered the dynamic of our marriage.  Intentionality about our prayer life has promoted a greater emotional intimacy between us and has opened the doors to draw closer to what God intended for our marriage. 
God is the creator and manufacturer of marriage and truly wants us to have  successful marriages built on a solid foundation.  Investing in your marriage by attending Marriages of the Kingdom events or counseling with the Pastors will truly equip you to build the marriage that God intended.

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 I was out the door on my marriage due to infidelity I had so much anger and hate towards my spouse but MOK helped us through that dark time by counseling and giving us tools to use to make our marriage better, now I can say I love my spouse again!!

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 My spouse and I were both very frustrated in our marriage. Because of the spiritual counsel and teaching we are and have received we have learned how to come together and our marriage is better than ever. The Bowens are an inspiring couple and are a Godly example of how marriage should be.